What is an „Ausbildung“ in Germany?

In German, the term is Ausbildung, Berufsbildung, or Dual Vocational Training. In English, this translates loosely to an apprenticeship or vocational training. Professional training combines theory with practice. The trainee gains practical experience in the company and theoretical knowledge in a vocational school. At the end of the training, each trainee needs to attend a final examination. 


Good to know:

– German Vocational Training is well-structured: curriculum and exams are nationwide standardized for more than 350 professions;

– Participants learn at specialized vocational schools and gain practice at work;

– Students get a monthly salary from the company which employs them. 


Who can do an Ausbildung?

– Anyone with a school-leaving certificate (a High School Diploma is needed);

– At least B1 level of German knowledge, but preferably B2 German Level;

– A typical vocational trainee in Germany is up to 30 years old (commonly between 16 and 25 years old). However, one might also apply if they are above 30. Especially in nursing, slightly older candidates are keen to join the opportunity.


Training as a Health and Nursing Professional (Ausbildung zum Gesundheits- und Krankenpflegefachkraft)

The qualification as a nurse enables work in a wide variety of institutions. In the healthcare sector, nurses can work in hospitals, specialist practices, and health centers. In the care sector, nurses can work in elderly care homes, short-term care facilities, or in outpatient care services. Since the beginning of 2020, German government introduced a generalist nursing training. That means that all of the previously separate health and nursing qualifications (the three areas of: geriatrics, nursing, and pediatric nursing) have been put together within one framework. After completing the healthcare and nursing training, the trainee becomes a qualified nursing specialist. 


Ausbildung Duration:

Here it depends, from 2 to 4 years. 


How much will you earn during the Ausbildung?

The typical salary ranges between 800 Euros and 1200 Euros per month (gross). 


You should become a Health and Nursing Professional if:

– You are caring and helpful by nature;

– Empathy and sense of responsibility are your strengths; 

– Blood and injections are not a problem for you;

– You are resilient and have strong nerves.


You should definitely NOT become a Health and Nursing Professional if: 

– You have little empathy when dealing with sick people and their relatives;

– Shift work is out of the question for you (and you are not willing to do night duty);

– You have back problems, and you are not physically strong;

– You do not feel comfortable taking care of people (cleaning their bodies, changing their clothes, washing and changing the bedsheets, cleaning the room, etc.). 


When to apply:

– 9 months before the start of Ausbildung (from November/December) of the previous year;

– Start: 1st August or 1st September.


Sounds interesting? Please drop us a short message to info@mittelpunkt-personal.de to find out more about the current Ausbildung opportunities we can offer. 


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