4 Tips for a Successful Video Interview

Have you just received a confirmation of your Skype/Zoom interview with a German Elderly Care Home, a Hospital, or a Rehabilitation Center? Do you want to make the best possible impression and feel you could use a little guidance? Please read on to see our best tips for a positive first impression.

1. German Language Only

You already passed your B1/B2 German language certificate – congratulations! But can you speak communicatively in German? Many employers will decide to hire you based on how good your German understanding and speaking skills are. Booking an online German language refresher session before joining the interview is a good idea to make you feel more confident. To book an interview preparation session with us please drop us a quick email to info@mittelpunkt-personal.de.

2. Know Your (Future) Employer

Before attending the interview, a little research about your employer goes a long way. Google the company’s website and read it carefully. Learning about the employer will help you feel more confident during the interview and will also help you decide what questions you may want to ask.

3. WiFi, Computer Trouble, Camera & Microphone

When joining a video interview, it is crucial to have a stable internet connection. A camera and a headset are a must for a successful interview. We do not recommend joining using your mobile. Before the interview, ask your recruitment agency or a friend to test the video and sound with you. Be ready to join ten minutes before the planned start – if there is any slow-loading software on your computer, it will not affect your punctuality.

4. Be Present

Job interviews can be stressful. During the interview, nothing is quite as important as being proactive. Acknowledge the employer’s words by saying ‚yes‘ or ‚mhm‘ to let them know you are actively listening. Ask for the question to be rephrased if you have trouble understanding it. Try not to learn the responses by heart. Speak in complete sentences. In our experience, the best replies are always the most genuine ones.

We wish you the best of luck in your online interview! Are you looking for a new nursing job role in Germany? We are currently recruiting. To submit your application, please sign up through our nursing portal. Alternatively, give us a call at +49 (0)551 82086 31 or send an email to info@mittelpunkt-personal.de.


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