What should my application as a nurse look like?

A successful application needs to include the following documents:


First Step - Before you begin

You must always provide the original or a certified copy of the original. We also need a single photocopy for our files.

Documents in your country’s official language must be enclosed with a German translation of the original or certified copy. The translation must be performed by a publicly appointed, sworn translator. These can be found here (Link to external page)

The translation must be firmly secured to the original-language document, e.g. with a rivet (no staples or paper clips).

Translations of non-certified copies cannot be accepted.


Please also note

If your qualifications are deemed to be equivalent, a professional certificate can only be issued if the following additional documents have been provided:

  • Proof of your German skills; we expect at least level B2 of the European Language Certificate in German.
  • Medical certificate (certificate of health) stating that your health condition is suitable for practicing the profession.
  • Police clearance certificate (certificate of good character).

The medical certificate and police clearance certificate must be current when the permit is issued.

Please only apply for these if we expressly ask you to.

1. You must provide these documents

  • Your certificate and results breakdown
  • CV in tabular form, with full information on education, training and professional career. Please sign the CV.
    Go to this link
  • A written application as per the appendix, including questionnaire on personal details.
  • Passport or ID.
  • Registration confirmation or proof of employment or declaration of intent, stating that the profession is to be practiced in the State or City (for example in Hamburg).

2. We may also request these documents (in separate files)

  • Proof of school/training centre for the duration of the training.
  • Proof of theoretical and practical lessons with number of hours per subject.
  • Proof of practical training (clinical internships) in the functional areas/departments (with number of hours).
  • Proof of type and scope of final examination: oral, written and practical subjects.
  • Proof of jobs performed in your studied field (e.g. work references).
  • Proof of further training.
  • “Certificate of Good Standing”/ “Certificate of Current Professional Status”.
    This proves that you have not breached the professional code of practice in any way. We will identify the authority from which you receive this certificate if necessary.
  • The marriage certificate/family register in the event of a name change.
  • Any other documents required in individual cases. Please wait for us to advise you.

Please send all of the above documents to