Do you know why our recruiting is like Indian curry?

India is the land of colors and spices – and curry is probably the country’s best-known spice blend. There is no standard recipe for this. In traditional Indian cuisine, the spice is mixed anew and appropriately for each meal. Each dish is individual in its color and flavor.

This is our mission

And like a good curry, it’s ultimately the mixture that makes it. That is why we are looking around for qualified specialists in Germany as well as in Europe and India.

This creates diversity and choice

Don’t you think that these two – diversity and spice – often come up short in the German economy? – Many think that placing a job is just a job.

We are convinced that making contacts with passion and thus bringing the right person together with the right person is a special task.


years of experience in personnel recruiting:

Flexible, fast and reliable.

About Searching and Finding

Where others are moaning about the shortage of skilled workers, we are looking for new ways and suitable solutions: whether in the care sector, the skilled trades or the service sector. This has resulted in valuable collaborations in countries such as India, Ukraine, Poland and even Nepal.

Qualified and motivated people live all over the world. And language barriers can be overcome. By cooperating with language schools in several countries, our professionals and students are not only qualified in their jobs, they also speak German at B2 level.

The hurdles that people from all over have to overcome in order to work in Germany start with visas and the recognition process and extend to the journey from the old homeland to the new one. As a mediator of manpower, we therefore also see ourselves as a mediator from person to person.

We are aware of our responsibility and task and take care flexibly, quickly and reliably.

News from Mittelpunkt Personal

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Anpassungslehrgang vs. Kenntnisprüfung

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