Apply for vocational nurse studies now!

Study nursing in Germany and get a guaranteed job placement at the end of your studies

Do you want to work in Germany as a fully qualified nurse? Have you only just completed your secondary education and you’re currently thinking about studying nursing?
Or, perhaps, you do have a nursing degree, but would like to complete your studies in Germany to ensure that you meet all of the requirements and can easily start working in a reputable hospital?
Alternatively, you did study nursing but found the German qualification (Anerkennung) process challenging?
These are just a few examples of situations where our Vocational Nursing Study program would be a great choice.


What is our Vocational Nurses Study program?

We created this program for everyone who is interested in pursuing a nurse career in Germany but doesn’t have the required education.

We invite you to come to Germany and start an apprenticeship at one of our renowned cooperation partners to become a registered nurse. Our cooperation partners are hospital carriers or patient care facilities in Germany.

Once you complete your studies, your work placement in a hospital or an elderly people home is guaranteed.


What are the advantages of this program?

You learn the profession directly in a school owned by one of the most prominent hospital networks in Germany. You can be sure that your studies will prove to be useful in your actual work, as the vocational nursing program offers you the possibility to practice in the real hospital setting. At the top of that, you will get a job as a fully qualified nurse at the end of your studies. This means, no problems with having your overseas qualification recognized in Germany.

What are the basic education requirements to join this program?

The candidates must have completed their secondary school education to be eligible to join this program. You must also speak the German language at least at B2 (communicative) level, as all of the teachings will be in the German language. There are no other entry requirements.

What are the costs?

Your only cost is paying for transport to Germany.

Your education will be paid and the accommodation will be affordable or cost-free. Depending on federal state and training institution.

In the 1st year you will earn about 1,100 euros (gross), in the 2nd year about 1,200 euros (gross), and in the 3rd year about 1,300 euros (gross). The exact amount varies slightly from one state to another.

How do I apply to become a Vocational Nursing program student?

To successfully apply for this program, you will be required to send through your application together with the supporting documents. For you to start the program, you must send us all of the required documents in the correct format. Please be advised that due to the numbers of interested candidates we will not be able to process incomplete, or lacking information applications. Please check carefully if you have attached all of the necessary parts of your application before sending it to us.