What should my application to become a Vocational Nursing student look like?

A successful application needs to include the following documents:

1. Your CV in German language

Your CV in the German language, in Europass format, including your photograph.

Go to this link.

Fill out of the fields, and generate a .pdf towards the end.

2. Your scanned documents

The scans of your secondary school certificate and grades transcript, as well as an Apostille, which is a document issued by a legal representative confirming that your certificate and transcript are authentic. It’s a standard legal service used internationally to show that your education is valid.

Get more information about obtaining it here.

3. Passport

A well recognizable scan of your passport.

4. Your cover letter

A letter explaining why you’re interested in taking up these studies. Important: Please confirm the level of your German language skills and provide a language certification to demonstrate your German language knowledge.

5. Medical note

Issued by your GP (your first contact doctor) confirming you are healthy and ready to start the studies.

Please send all of the above documents to